Ailt BMP JPG JPEG to Word Converter

Ailt BMP JPG JPEG to Word Converter 6.8

Uses Optical Character Recognition to recover the text from your image files

This software tool uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to recover the text from an image file and save it as a MS Word file. The program can process multiple images at once in batches and allows you to select the MS Word version for the resulting files among 97-2003 (DOC), 2007-2010 (DOCX) or macro-enabled (DOCM). The supported input formats are, on the other hand, BMP and JPEG.

To be honest, the program offers a rather rudimentary and visually unattractive interface, though it is very intuitive. It basically allows you to add all your source files to the conversion list either individually or by folders. Then you can select the output MS Word version, the page size, its margins and the source language, though you can also let the program detect it. The program comes with support for English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish, but you can download and install language packs for more than 50 additional ones. The last step is to optionally customize the output folder - or let the program save the resulting files in the same folders as the source ones. Now you can start the process with one additional click.

Regrettably, the program reveals various drawbacks when performing its task. Firstly, the recognition process is pretty slow which would be a serious problem if you need to convert hundreds or thousands of files. Secondly, the program requires having the selected or a superior version of MS Word installed on your system to be able to create the output files. Thirdly, in my opinion the recognition results are not as good as one might expect. As of my testing, a small JPEG file containing only clear text took almost a minute to be processed and its output MS Word file contained several typos. Besides, the program introduces line breaks in inadequate places, which turns the Word file almost useless, unless you are willing to manually correct all those problems.

In conclusion, I wouldn't really recommend this tool to those who require extracting the text from their image files, due to the mentioned drawbacks. My recommendation for them would be to keep looking for a more advanced tool that produces more professional results, and might even be cheaper.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Recovers the text from your image files and saves it as MS Word files
  • Supports batch image processing
  • Supports various MS Word version for the resulting files
  • Supports the addition of source files by folders
  • Sets the resulting page size and margins
  • Detects the source text language
  • Supports the most popular languages around the world


  • Has a rudimentary and visually unattractive interface
  • Provides a slow recognition process
  • Requires having MS Word installed
  • Produces a poor output text quality
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